Queue (queue) wrote,

A trove of puzzles

So, my 1000 games finished running. In a little over an hour, it produced 28 puzzles. It looks like I can generate pretty much an unlimited number of puzzles in a fairly short amount of time. Now I have to decide what to do with them. If I were ambitious, I'd collect them in some sort of book or pamphlet and print up a bunch of copies and sell them. I doubt there would be much market for them, but it's a neat idea. Or, I could just publish some of the best ones on my web site. Hmm, you know, they don't take up much space on a page, so I could fit a lot of them onto a relatively few number of pages. So, it wouldn't take that much to get publish a couple hundred of them, so I could sell them for a couple of bucks or something. Is there anyone out there who would pay $2 for 200 Jotto puzzles?
Tags: jotto, jotto puzzles

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