Queue (queue) wrote,

A couple more Jotto puzzles

So I made my program that finds these. I did a run of 100 games, and it came up with these 2. I'm in the middle of doing a run of 1000 games, so we'll see how many that turns up.

Oh, these are not in the order that they were guessed. I forgot that the way I was doing it wouldn't order the guesses, and when I realized it, I figured it was a nice side puzzle, figuring out a valid order if you're playing by the Evil Jotto rules (each guess has to possibly be able to be the word based on the information from the previous guesses). Note that you don't have to fiugre out the word to be able to order the guesses.

Puzzle 1:
agood - 0
pupil - 2
greit - 1
picks - 1
rapid - 2

Puzzle 2:
sinus - 1
diner - 2
weigh - 2
glued - 2
laari - 1
pique - 2
motty - 0

Tags: jotto, jotto puzzles
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