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I went to bed at 8:30 last night, since I was going to get up at 5. I woke up a few times during the night, but I should have had enough sleep. I still didn't want to get out of bed this morning. So, we don't end up leaving until 6 or soemthing, and I'm thinking we wanted to be at the airport by 5:50, since the flight left at 6:50. Then, on the way, I find out that the question that was answered yesterday was not the one I thought I was asking. So, the plane in fact left at 7:55, so she wanted to be there by 6:50. I said I was getting up at 5, so she figured getting there by 6:30 would be good.

The directions only ended up getting us to the T stop, but that ended up being okay, since she caught a shuttle. Still, can anyone give me explicit directions for the "easy back way" to get from Everett to the airport? I can see where I want to go, but I pass under it, and I don't see any way to get there.

This morning, while she was checking her email, I put a little stuffed lizard into the outside pocket of her backpack. It was another part of her birthday gift. The plan was to call her on Saturday (her actual birthday) and tell her about it. Instead, I get a call as I'm walking from the T to work, and she says "Is the lizard from you." So, I guess she was rummaging around and found it. It's made out of the same stuff as those little frogs that rikchik has, except that it's a lizard. I was kind of expecting that she'd find it, so I don't feel too bad, especially since I don't think she'll find the other thing that I hid. (And, yes, I'm expecting that she'll be checking LiveJournal at her parents' house, but she's just going to have to wait until tomorrow to discover where it is.)

The co-worker isn't here today. Whee! She's driving to Pennsylvania for a friend's wedding. The co-worker and I took the T over to Jillian's together yesterday for our company's summer party. There was free food (hot dogs, hamburgers, Buffalo wings, potato skins, and dessert (mostly cookies)), and we got two drink tickets (for alcoholic drinks; the non-alcoholic ones were free) and a game card with 3,000 points (which I found out doesn't buy much). We also had the free use of 5 pool tables, so I ended up eating and then playing some nine ball. I played by myself for a while, then played some with some guy I hadn't met before. He'd never played nine ball before, but he was decent at pool. I won 3 out fo 5 games, which I felt good about. Then I headed upstairs for some skee ball and other games to win tickets, since one of the boss-type people was asking for tickets in order to redeem them for a puzzle for the math department.

I left the place early (we had it from 2 to 5) and headed to Brookline to read some more while waiting to meet magid. I'm pretty close to done with the second Recluce book. I'm still really enjoying it, although it really does seem pretty fluffy. I'm not sure how much of that is the nature of the book, or if it's just that I've read this before, so a lot of the neat figuring out stuff about the order-chaos balance isn't much of a surprise to me. As a side note, I'm noticing the lack of careful editing in this. I've noticed at least three missed quotation marks and I think some other stuff. If I remember correctly, the Robin Hobb books didn't have those kind of errors in them.

Speaking of which, my copyediting class starts on Thursday, and my Hebrew class starts on Tuesday. I'm thinking I'll probably be going to these straight from work, with possibly a stop for dinner sometimes. Of course, I don't really want to spend the money to eat out twice a week, so I'll probably bring more in my lunch and eat it before class. A good thing about the classes is that they might make it easier for me to work some extra hours, thus giving me more time to take off. For one, I will probably stay at work a little later sometimes, since classes aren't until 6 in Cambridge and Brookline, which means I can stay at work until at least 5, probably a bit later. Also, since I won't be carpooling home with hrafn those days, I can get in earlier, too. I already have 3.5 hours in the time bank, and I might be getting more today, assuming I can convince myself to stay later than I need to (which will be difficult). However, I also already have a day off planned in a couple of weeks, so building up some more time would be good. I need to take at least a day, probably two, off in December to go to my grandparent's 50th anniversary party, and I'd like to have some days to be able to call in sick when I don't feel like working.

Oh, speaking of which, I got paid yesterday for my first two weeks here. And I only got paid for 9 days. So, I automatically don't get paid for company holidays, which is fine, since I knew this was a position with no benefits. It's good to know, actually, that I don't have to worry about making up that time. Technically, I could just take time off and not get paid for it, but that involves some paperwork hassles on their end, and I'd rather be able to make up the time, since more money is more gooder.

Hmm, this turned into a longer entry than I had originally thought it would be. Guess I'll go cut it.

Last thing. Reminder to people about Carmen on the Common on Saturday. Meet treacle_well and me at the tables outside Denise's Ice Cream in Davis Square at 6pm to T over to the Common.

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