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Well, an interesting XMas. We're taking off for home within an hour or so, I think. I may write more later, but here are the highlights.

- I finally talked to my mom about being poly, and she had already guessed, based on several things. We also talked about the anullment that she's trying to get, which is something she'd been afraid to talk to me about. It was a really good talk.

- Mom's fiance got mad that she went off and talked with me, and then he did some stupid things and ended up getting extremely angry, which I guess he used to do alot and still does occasionally. He ended up leaving in the car, with my mom telling him "If you leave, don't come back." He did come back eventually, since he had my mom's Christmas presents that she was giving out in the van, and he also had her keys. But then he left around 7am. He is such an asshole. I'm sad that my mom is going to be hurt by this, but I'm so glad that it looks like she's gotten rid of him. So, my mom is going to be staying here with my grandparents for another week or so, and then she's probably going to buy my uncle's car to drive back, since he's looking to get rid of it, and the only car she had was owned by her fiance. And she's talking about maybe moving out here, since the lnly thing really keeping her in Indiana was the guy. So, she would be near her parents and a couple of her brothers, and she'd be about 6 hours closer to us, so visits might be a bit more frequent. So, overall, it turned out pretty well. We'll see how everything goes.

It will be really nice to get back home. Hopefully the roads won't be too crowded, and we can get home by 8 or 9. We'll be exchanging presents with my sister and her fiance when we get back, and then maybe we can get to bed early. Then I still don't have to go back to work until Monday. Yay!

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