Queue (queue) wrote,

So, we were supposed to look at this list of . . . umm . . . I guess you'd call them standards, and we were supposed to come up with a list of comments and questions for the company that come up with this list (a sister company under Houghton Mifflin, not that that makes any difference to this story). Anyway, these are math-content things. So, my co-worker comes up with a list of things she says "have the same meaning". I'm sure I'll find a lot more stupidities (I'm just starting in on her list), but here's one.

She claims that the following have the same meaning:
Use Symbols to Solve Equations
Use Equations to Solve Problems

Umm, what? Hello? I think I need to go read some more of that cow-orker log to convince myself that some people have it worse than I.

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