Queue (queue) wrote,

I feel like my mom

My mom has recently started taking golf lessons, is talking about taking sailing lessons, and has joined Toastmasters.

The guy at work here who asked for someone to edit the Bookbuilders directory just asked if I wanted to be listed as being on the directory committee. So, of course, I asked "Do I have to do anything?" Basically, it sounds like Bookbuilders people might contact me about doing more stuff for them (not sure if I would feel obliged or not . . . probably), and, if I'm still a member of Bookbuilders in a year or so (I'm a member now by virtue of working for McDougal Littell), they might ask me to chair it or something. So, in the Bookbuilders directory that is coming out in something like 6 weeks, I'll be listed as a committee member and as an editor. So, hey, pretty cool for three hours of work.

I signed up to go to some intro-to-publishing classes that they offered last year when I was new at Prentice Hall. They were really boring. I went to the first one and ducked out after the break. Not very informative like I was hoping. But, eh. If I'm going to be in the publishing business in Boston, I guess it's good to know people. Hell, maybe this will help me land my next job, whatever that might be.

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