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Welcome to Marylnad - Queue — LiveJournal
December 22nd, 2001
07:53 am


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Welcome to Marylnad
After a fairly interesting drive (including much holiday traffic in NY, an excursion off the turnpike ni NJ due to slow traffic because of an accident, and a fight with my sister which resulted in me drivnig the whole 9 hour trip), I've arrived at my grandparents' house (err, trailer). It's a really nice double-wide trailer sitting on a large piece of land that my uncle owns. One of the unfortunate things about being out in the boonies is no high speed internet access. The phone lines out here are copper wire, so the best they can get is 28.8, and it apparently sometimes just disconnects, which I just found out. But at least I can get on here and read about all the fun I'm missing back home.

I'm sure it will be nice to visit with everyone (I'll see my mom and uncles today), but I really do miss the cute one. Hopefully she'll actually be able to be productive, since I'm not there to suck all her time.

Speaking of fighting with my sister, I've gotten so much better over the past X years at controlling my temper (for people who didn't know me back then, yes, it was really awful, just ask Kit). However, my sister and I always seem to be able to draw that temper back out of each other. It must be that that's how we're used to relating, having grown up that way. I'm not sure how to go about changing that. Of course, it's always her that starts it (need to figure out a good way to type the tone of voice appropriate for that, sort of an innocent I-know-this-statement-isn't-true-but-I'm-pretending-that-I'm-trying-to-get-you-to-believe-it thing). Anyway, something to think on. At least I don't see her that much, even though she only lives on the other side of town. And she'll be moving away from Boston in the next couple of years, so it will be back down to a couple times per year interaction. I must say, though, that it is nice to be able to be close to family, to be able to help out when they need it. When they first moved here in January/February, they stayed with us until they got jobs and a place to live. They are carless right now (old one is totalled, and my sister just got a promotion where she gets a car allowance, so haven't gotten a new one yet), so I've given them rides and let them borrow the car several times this week. So, anyway. It actually works pretty well having them live nearby. I don't know if I'd want to live close to my parents like that. Well, maybe my dad, but I'd feel obligated to visit my mom a lot if I lived close, and I'm just way too busy to do that right now. And she was a lot more fun to spend time with when she wasn't with the current guy she's with. That's a whole other story, and I'm not going to get into that right now.

I think my grandma has breakfast ready. Maybe tomorrow I'll get up early enough to see the deer that come right by the house. And I'll go outside tonight away from the lights (which probably will entail wakling a couple hundred yards) and look at all the stars. Even with the big spotlight on outside the house here, I could see way more stars than I can from my house.

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Date:December 22nd, 2001 07:10 am (UTC)

Queue in car + Siblings = War

Dude, you react badly to people driving like ijits. IN BOSTON. Not a good survival trait. It makes you DAMNED moody.

I cannot be in a car with my sister without a fight being inevitable. Actually, for all my issues with my siblings, the only one I HAVE to separate myself from is one sister. Turns out she's mostly like that with everyone, although I contend that she's worse with me because I'm the only one younger than her. Studying wolf-pack socializing gave me such insight to my family's politics.

Sometimes it's gratifying to see her take it out on the other sister while I watch the mile markers pass.
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Date:December 22nd, 2001 09:58 am (UTC)

Re: Queue in car + Siblings = War

Dude, you react badly to people driving like ijits. IN BOSTON. Not a good survival trait. It makes you DAMNED moody.

And believe it or not, I'm a lot better than I used to be. I'm not sure what it is about driving that does that to me. It's not something I like about myself, and I really do try to work on it. Next time you're driving with me and I act like an idiot, feel free to call me on it. If I get enough people pointing out how foolish I look when I do that (and how stupid it is), it might help me get it a little better under control.

Good thing driving is the only thing that makes me moody.
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Date:December 22nd, 2001 11:12 am (UTC)


Good thing driving is the only thing that makes me moody.

Somehow, I get the feeling this isn't entirely true.

Luckily, though, I gave up axe-murder a long, long time ago.
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