Queue (queue) wrote,

Perl hammer

I used Perl in doing something for my job today. No, it wasn't an amazingly spectacular thing, something pretty simple, actually. But. I. Got. Paid. For. Writing. Perl. Whee! As I was told in an email, I'm going to start finding lots of nails that I can whack with the Perl hammer. Depending on what exactly ends up being the process for my job, I could easily see a set of Perl tools being useful, but we'll see what happens.

Thinking of Perl, I got to thinking about why I started. I had started for a while, let it go for a while, and then picked it back up. Anyway, I'm pretty sure prog was my inspiration for starting the first time, and probably for starting up again. Well, part of the inspiration was wanting to program Jotto stuff, but prog was the reason I chose Perl. I dunno, something about seeing someone I admire doing something cool makes me want to do it, too, especially if it's something I think I'm capable of doing.

It seems familiar that there was something recently that I either started doing or (more likely) thought about starting to do, and it was because I found out that someone I know did it. Does this sound familiar to anyone. It's right on the tip of my brain, and I just can't quite reach it. Aha, now I remembered. See, this is how my brain works. If I just sit and think about things . . . eh. But if I'm talking (it seems like typing is an acceptable substitute, at least for some things), things flow. I think by talking. So, talking (typing) about this brought it to the front of my brain. It was learning that someone I know wrote stories for alt.sex.stories.moderated, and that provided the motivation for me to do it, too. Anyway.

On the eve of making my latest jam, I got to watch treacle_well enjoy the remnants of my first jam, which I hated, but which other people apparently liked. The rum taste supposedly mellowed with age, so it is now just nicely tart (probably way too tart for my tastes). Yay.

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