Queue (queue) wrote,

Day of Remembrance

What, like we forgot about it for the past 364 days?

Still, I remember how scared I was, having family in the D.C. area. In fact, my grandparents had recently moved out there. Maybe they were sightseeing in D.C. that day? With all of the false reports about car bombs and explosions there, I was really scared. I went into magid's office and cried. Then it was a while before we heard from my uncle, who works at Reagan National Airport. I ended up going home early that day when they told us that we could if we wanted to.

I remember, in the following weeks and months, thinking about just how awful a thing that was to do, and questioning how anyone could do it. Those thoughts and feelings gradually faded, so that I don't get to feeling overwhelmed by it anymore. But it's still a part of me. My first thought when I see an airplane is to wonder if it's going to crash into a building. That's what airplanes do now, right?

Unlike some other people I know, I wasn't spending time worrying about what our government's response would be. I just don't tend to look ahead like that, or think about those kinds of things. And now I wish I, and a lot of other people, had payed more attention to that. Our government has done and is doing some pretty awful things.

I feel like there should be some grand conclusion to this. Whatever.

I don't have a whole lot to do with my project today. I sent off an email with some questions, and the little bit of stuff that I have to do is waiting on a response to that. There is possibly some stuff coming in from an outside person that my co-worker and I can compare to the stuff we've been doing to see if we've been doing things right, but I don't know when that is supposed to come in. Then I have a meeting at 3 to talk about what sorts of meta tags we want for these things.

Other than that, I have some proofreading I volunteered to do for Bookbuilders of Boston. The contact guy sits about 30 feet away from me. I was going to do some more this morning, but his office is locked, and there's stuff in there I need to do this. I had assumed I was going to do it at home, and he had assumed I was going to do it here. It's unclear to me if it's okay to do it on work time or not. I'm pretty sure not, but I had already said I'd do it when I found out that I was going to be doing it here. I can't really do it at home since it involves lugging a bunch of large binders, which I can't really do very well. So I guess I'll do it here. If I have nothing else to do, I won't worry about it. If I do have other stuff to do, I'll just do what I did yesterday and do it after work time, effectively cutting into my extra time I had scheduled, which is fine. This'll learn me to volunteer for stuff.

I was told yesterday that, if I have nothing to do on my project, I should see the supervising editor for the Grade 8 book and get stuff to do from her. So, I'll probably end up doing that today. I'm not sure when people get in, but I guess I'll wander over there after I finish this up.

Which I guess is about now.
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