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So I have the preliminary JottoZendo up and running. How it works:

It picks a secret word as normal.

Then it picks a letter in the secret word at random. Let's call this x.
Then it picks one of the 13 most common English letters (e, a, t, o, n, i, etc.). Let's call this y.

Then, it score as normal, except:
It only scores x in a word if that word also contains y.

For example:
Say the secret word is "nodes".
x is "o".
y is "l".
"glove" scores 2.
"codes" scores 3.

For a double letter example:
Say the secret word is "toons".
x is "o".
y is "r".
"booty" scores 1.
"crore" scores 1.
"croon" scores 3.

I've tested it some, and it seems playable, although I can't concentrate very well here at work. I should really do some work, but this just had to be done. If anyone is interested in playtesting this, let me know.
Tags: jotto, zendo

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