Queue (queue) wrote,

With all my free time

Someone in the office sent out an email asking for a few hours of volunteer help this week. So, I volunteered. I'll be proofreading the 2002-2003 directory for the BookBuilders of Boston. I figure since I use their job site all the time, I could do a few hours. Plus, I get my name in the directory. Ooooh! Aaaah! Anyway, I figured it would be some more experience (even if only a tiny bit) and an opportunity to get to know more people (or at least one person) without having to do anything social. So, the manuscript is supposed to come in tomorrow, and it needs to get done by Friday. It should only be a couple of hours, maybe even less. And maybe it'll gte me to get my butt in gear and do some other editing that I need to do, stuff that will take substantially more than a couple of hours. I just hope my character doesn't get doubly punished tonight for me winning at Boggle and not getting started on that editing yet.

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