Queue (queue) wrote,


Received this on email today. That would be pretty funny if the company got sold and the new owners decided to cut costs by getting rid of certain pilot projects.

Dear all,

All of the Vivendi Universal's businesses have been subject to persistent rumors with regards to possible disposals. They have all had their fair amount of press coverage. These assets being attractive, interest has been shown and the group has received unsolicited offers.

You have no doubt read about the current rumors concerning the sale of Vivendi Universal Publishing as a whole. To respect the group's strategy not to comment before September 25, date of the next board of directors meeting, no comments will be made by VUP. I'm sure you understand that any information provided could create a lot of controversy and impact the entire VU group. This really needs to be avoided.

I therefore ask you to trust your management. I appreciate these times of uncertainty are difficult for everyone of you and I will of course keep you informed as soon as possible.

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