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So, today we had a little meeting to talk about some of the stuff we've been doing. Because of my expereince, I was able to bring up a concern, and I basically volunteered to take care of it, rather than give the co-worker a chance to do it. It's something I'm more familiar with anyway (more Word template stuff), but it was pretty cool to identify the issue and then be able to let my supervisor know that (with the appropriate materials from her) I could take care of it.

We still haven't done any of the work that we will actually be doing; so far it's all been preliminary stuff. It's pretty okay, and, after today, I feel a bit better about how it's going to go for the next 5 months. And we got another supervisor-type person put on the project today, since out main supervisor is away a lot. And this new person seems really with it, a knowledgeable, in-the-trenches supervising editor, so that's cool.

I'm looking forwrad to getting into the nitty gritty of this, and I'm also looking forward to the prospect of finding something else interesting to do in less than 5 months. And I'm looking forward to my 2 classes, which start up at the end of the month. And I'm looking forward to trying to get some outside-of-work productivity this month, so that my compendium won't be empty next month. I finished the latest Robin Hobb book yesterday, so I'm looking forward to starting some more reading. Although, maybe I should hold off on a new book until I've done some more writing. As I feared, I haven't touched my story since I posted that bit of it a while ago. I think I should use starting another book as a reward for finishing my story, or for at least finishing a first draft. Let's see, I think I'll have some time early Saturday morning and then possibly Saturday evening, so I should do some writing then. Heck, I have my notebook with me, so I could even do some writing this afternoon, when I'm not delivering food for RH.

I ramble. I stop.

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