Queue (queue) wrote,

Time off

So it looks like time off and making time up will be handled informally. So, I can work extra hours before or after taking a day off in order to make up that day. I can take time off without making it up (and therefore not being paid for it (there are no benefits at all with this position)), but that is supposedly a pretty big administrative nuisance. Better to just make up the time whenever and let the paychecks just keep rolling.

I'm happy with this. I'm also happy that my supervisor got back with me today when I ahd sent the email yesterday. I've had to wait quite a while to get some questions answered at Prentice Hall, and sometimes a question would go unanswered until I asked it again.

So, I think I might try working some extra hours. Maybe not today, since I actually have a whole evening to myself with nothing else to do (well, I should clean the kitchen and my bedroom, but those are home things, which aren't the same as going out things). Maybe tomorrow, since I already have something going on in the evening. Depending on when I manage to make it in here, I could possibly get something like 3 extra hours in. That would be cool.

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